Kyle owns a company that manufactures and sells a self-storage product as well as purchased outdoor living products for resale.  His location is his key selling advantage.  Kyle has over 25 years experience with this product line and employed ten people who built, sold and delivered the products.

How Harlan Helped:

Harlan facilitated a major cost reduction effort in cutting headcount by 40%.  (Kyle was successful in assisting laid off employees in getting other employment.)  Harlan also helped identify the strengths of the remaining employees and made sure those strengths were being utilized to the fullest extend to get maximum performance from each remaining employee.  His prior experience gave Harlan the insight to serve the role of trusted advisor to Kyle throughout this difficult period.


Sales decreased 35% while profits increased 45%.  Through an aggressive inventory reduction program and carefully managing the purchase of raw materials, cash flow increased which allowed Kyle to be current on his receivables.  Harlan meets with the management team regularly to monitor progress of the turnaround and make to hold them accountable for staying on task.