Welcome to Wise Biz Solutions


Harlan’s specialty in coaching and consulting lie in five areas:

  • Helping small and mid size companies that are struggling to quickly overcome their challenges.
  • Advising successful small and mid size companies who want to grow and move from the owner working in the business to working on the business.
  • Directing and guiding a leadership change to the next generation in a family business.
  • Resolving partnership issues and problems.
  • Transitioning individuals or teams who are leaving the corporate world and entering the world of being an entrepreneur.

Who Harlan Helps:

  • Successful business owner who wants to grow rapidly. They have an objective to grow by working less in the business and more  on the business.  They are working long hours in the business and knows there is an easier to work less, enjoy it more and make more money.  An organization needs to be in place for them to expand and they do not know how to develop that organization.  Harlan will provide the direction and focus to move them to the next level. 
  • The business owners who are struggling.  Everything they do in their business is difficult and they are not getting enjoyment from their business and their life.  They may have decided they will either solve their major problems or get out of the business and do something else.  Their business has become their job and their entire life.  Harlan will assist them in prioritizing their issues and guide them to wise solutions for each.
  • Family business owners who are ready to turn it over.  They want to retire or reduce their involvement in the business and need to select a successor to take over the day-to-day management of the business.  The business has been successful and the senior generation has emotional ownership to the point that it is difficult to let go and trust someone else can carry on in the tradition that has been established.  There may be conflict within the family as to the successor and how to turn it over.  Harlan will give clear direction in selecting a leader to continue the business.
  • Businesses that are owned by partners. Business partnerships are often characterized by conflict and misunderstanding leading to mistrust if not addressed in a timely manner.  Using a series of assessments and conflict resolution tools, Harlan will work with the partners individually and jointly.  The result of this work is the partners establishing common goals and focusing on their similarities rather than their differences.
  • Individuals who are fed up with the corporate life. They are ready to start their own business and become an entrepreneur.  They may or may not have an idea of the type of business they would like to have and have little or no experience in running their own business.  Harlan will guide them through a seven-step process to get their business up and running.