Susan had worked her way up through the IT Department of a large corporation located in Los Angeles.  Recently she quit her corporate job, moved to Austin and started her own IT support company specializing in helping managers to understand and easily use their data in making decisions.

How Harlan Helped:

Through Harlan’s practical approach to coaching, Susan gained the confidence needed to become an entrepreneur.  Harlan provided clear direction in identifying her ideal market and customers.  Harlan also coached Susan through a process of partnering with a major IT service provider.  Since this is Susan’s first journey into running her own business, she uses Harlan extensively as a sounding board for strategic moves and decisions.


Susan’s confidence in her ability to be a successful entrepreneur has soared since beginning her work with Harlan. Her business has grown from one major client to five in less than six months.  Additionally, she continually gets repeat business and referrals. She has focus in her marketing efforts and direction in her overall business.  Her partnering with the major IT service provider gives her unlimited potential to grow her business.