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“I have been working with Harlan for several months and he has helped me put focus and organization to my ideas.  He easily reduces them to bite size pieces enabling me to successfully implement them.  It is also very helpful for me to have an outsider’s perspective on my business.  I have been able to organize my business in such a way to increase my cash flow.”

John Athey
Attorney At Law

"What Harlan has done is awesome.  He not only helped our organization, his program helps all the people his program comes into contact."

Amber Jordan
Director, Client Services
Visiting Angels, LAS

"One of my greatest joys is having Harlan on my side.  He has walked with me through it all.  He has a complete perspective of my experience and offers more than just counsel and advice, more than one who sees the facts and measures the success.  Harlan does all of this and more, because he is a friend who has lived it with me!  Harlan has always seen beyond the facts and figures of the business, and continually reminds me of the importance of people in my life, of my passion and my personal vision of enjoying a life of contentment, and the importance of close friends and family.  It pleases me to see my entire team recognize the important role Harlan plays in our success."

Kurt Summers
President and Owner
Austin Generator Service

"With the volume of cases I have as an attorney in a solo practice, Harlan has been critical in helping me prioritize and focus.  As a result, I have been able to increase my client load by 25% and serve all clients in a timelier manner."

Glenn Karisch
The Karisch Law Firm, PLLC

"As a result of Harlan’s clear direction and wise counsel, our company is running better than it has over the past ten years.  He has the ability to quickly diagnose a problem and come up with practical solutions. His no-nonsense approach helps us get to the core of situations and resolve them effectively and efficiently.  I value his input to the extent that he is now part of our regular management meetings."

Sam Smucker
HomePlace Structures

"I think Harlan is smart – wise – caring – heart – tenured – cool under pressure – focused – but will always come back to caring wisdom.  The other angle I get is those things that puzzle most seem familiar to Harlan. Like a guy that says – I have seen that before – here is what you do. Like in the word Millionaire – I like – FamiliAIRE. Like the guy walking down the street and sees a buddy in a deep hole. His buddy says – Hey pal – can you help me out. He says sure and then jumps into the hole with his buddy. Buddy says – Are you nuts – now we are both in here. He says – yip, but I have been in here before and I know the way out. FamiliAIRE….. Harlan is my FamiliAIRE"

Mike Mayeau
Novotus CEO

"While I had the technical skills of the business, Harlan brought the management skills.  He taught me many of those skills and he continues to fill the gaps for me so that I am able to operate an effective and efficient business.  Working with him as a partner in the business, gives me the total package.  I am now able to service 400% more clients that I could prior to working with Harlan."

Amy Wick
Amy Wick Marketing