Jennifer, the owner of a marketing communications company, had just fired 50% of her staff because she was “fed up with all the management issues.”  That resulted in her having only two employees including herself and an office administrative person who was also a problem.  She utilized contract personnel extensively to do a lot of the work.  In spite of all her difficulties, the business was moderately successful.

How Harlan Helped:

Harlan coached Jennifer and, as a result, she gained substantial confidence in her ability to hire the right people and manage them effectively.  She learned how to delegate responsibility and hold employees and contractors accountable so she can focus on business development and taking care of critical needs of the clients.  Harlan’s experience in human resources provided her clear direction in forming a new organization based on her having substantially increasing the number of clients.  Harlan also partnered with her in that his skill set complemented her weaknesses.


Revenue has increased by 350% and, over the same period, profits increased 400%.  She now has four major accounts plus ten smaller accounts while she only had one major account previously.  She is successfully managing seven employees and at the same time has met her increased salary goals while maxing out her contributions to her retirement accounts.  (For several years prior to these changes, she made no contributions to retirement.)  Jennifer has a positive perspective on her business and her life and the enjoyment factor has gone up substantially.