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Monday, April 26, 2010

Hiring Winners



As an owner of a small business, I cannot afford to make hiring mistakes.  I have in the past and it has cost me dearly from the standpoint of efficiency and employee morale.


First of all, understand that hiring is not an exact science.  What you want to do is increase the probably of success and there are some very specific things you can do to increase your success rate.

  1. During the interview process, ask behavioral questions; questions that ask the applicant to describe their behavior in specific situations.  An example is: “Tell me about a time within the last six months when you had to deal with a very difficult customer.  Describe the customer’s behavior and how you handled that customer.”  Go to my web site www.wisebizsolutions.com for a list of behavioral questions.
  2. Have fellow employees interview the applicant.  It is good to have them vested in the hiring process so they will work toward helping the new employee be a success.
  3. Run a background check on all serious applicants.  I use L.S. Screening because they are fast, economical and accurate.  They can be reached at www.lsscreen.com
  4. Use behavioral and motivation assessments.  They give you some insight into how the applicant is motivated and his/her behaviors and communications style.
  5. Check references with previous employers.  Do not call the HR Department.  In my previous life I was a VP of HR and we never gave out references.  Contact the applicant’s former boss and call them at home, if possible.  They will be much more inclind to share information.

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